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Ellee's Gourmet Granolas and Granola Cookies

Cookies Ellee’s is dedicated to the proposition that just because its healthy does not mean that it can’t taste great. Ellee’s line of granolas and granola cookies is her answer to making great tasting healthy foods.  Granola Products Button - Natural Granola

Starting with a mixture of oats and five different seeds cured in natural honey and virgin coconut oil, she adds a variety of dried fruits, Ghirardelli chocolates, caramelized nuts (to ellee, it does not count as a nut unless you can see it, so she uses only pecan halves, walnut halves, whole macadamia nuts and slivered almonds) and a variety of natural flavors and spices.

Ellee’s granola cookies elevate the healthy dessert/snack to a whole new level. Using just enough cookie dough to make it all stick together, ellee produces a cookie that is both soft and chewy and slightly crunchy. Parents have found ellee’s cookies as a sneaky way to introduce healthy into their children’s’ diets.

For those who have eliminated gluten from their diets, ellee’s granolas and gluten free cookies provide an unequaled taste treat. Most people cannot tell the difference between her wheat flour cookies and the gluten free. (watch this space, she is perfecting a gluten free, dairy free, vegan cookie that will blow your mind).

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Ellee's & Eric's Story

Enjoy a truly delicious, healthy snack from ellee's of Doral, Florida. Ellee and Eric create natural granola products using only the finest ingredients and no artificial preservatives. All sweetness is derived from natural, raw honey that doubles as a preservative to keep your granola fresh for up to a year. Ellee's homemade granola is completely gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher, and vegan.

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