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8601 NW 54th Street, Doral, FL


About Ellee & Eric

Ellee first started making granola 30 years ago for her ill mother who needed a relatively nutritious (but delicious) low-cholesterol food source. It wasn’t long before visiting friends and family learned, on arrival, to make a beeline for the granola jar for a quick nibble. No one ever left Ellee’s empty-handed (much to the dismay of her husband who jealously guarded his stock of granola).

After 30 years in health care, having had her fill of insurance companies, Ellee decided to turn her attention to sharing her amazing granolas with a wider world. A practicing international tax attorney for 20 years, Ellee’s husband joined her in their health care business. Fleeing the health insurance world together, they co-founded ellee’s. Having been the primary beneficiary of his wife’s amazing granolas, he agreed it was time to share them (if only to keep those fingers out of his private stash).

Over the years, Ellee’s granola has morphed into a unique collection of flavors and blends. From original to people-pleasing tropical and Alaskan blends, Ellee’s granola features generous helpings of a variety of dried fruits and her famous caramelized nuts.

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